Whom should I contact in case of any problem ?
Kindly email your queries on eraktkosh@cdac.in
What is eRaktKosh ?
Details about eRaktKosh are available at about eraktkosh page
Where can I find latest blood stock from various blood banks ?
The blood stock can be searched at Stock availability page
Where can I find details of camps being conducted by various blood banks ?
The details of camps can be found at Camp schedule page. Many camps also accept online pre-registration.
How can I onboard my blood bank to eRaktKosh ?
Kindly fill the form Click here to fill to form
How to add your blood bank to eraktkosh ?
Kindly Register your blood bank at Add your blood bank page
How to check Platelet unit in eraktkosh app?
The blood stock can be searched by default as Whole Blood at Stock availability page. You can change component type as Platelet then search again.
How can i check the nearest blood bank from my current location?
Use eRaktkosh mobile App, enable the location, and then search nearest blood bank, then you can see distance wise list of blood banks.
How to verify blood unit is available or not on current date?
You can see last updated date or LIVE status into blood availability option.
How does age affects my ability to donate blood?
Minimum age for whole blood donation is 18 years in India. The maximum age for blood donation depends on the kind of donation.
Need Blood Immediately. Which app finds patients blood requirement as soon as possible ?
At google play store, you can search eraktkosh. Once installed, using GPS technology the app locate nearest blood bank along with blood availability.
I had alcohol before going to donate blood. Is it Okay?
No. We do not take blood from anyone under the influence of alcohol. This is because being intoxicated can affect your ability to understand and answer the donor questionnaire and declaration.
I am taking antibiotics. Can I donate blood?
It depends on why you are taking the antibiotics and it may also depend after doctor counselling.
Are there any side effects of Blood donations?
There are no side effects of blood donation. The blood bank staff ensures that your blood donation is a good experience so as to make you a regular blood donor. There are a number of people who have donated more than 25-100 times in their entire lifetime.
How often can I donate Blood ?
After every three –four months you can donate blood.
What should I eat before blood-donation ?
Anything that you normally eat at home. Eating a light snacks and having a soft drink before blood donation is sufficient.